Permaculture in the Nature. Festival Tuning into the Wild by Casina Settarte - Ostuni

casina-2 5 - 15 August

Festival Tuning into the Wild is our annual event curated by Casina Settarte and taught by director Francesco Zita and invited international guests. This year it takes place over two weeks and participants have the option to take part in either one or two weeks of the event.

The programme 2016

The programme is designed with the flexibility for you to tailor it to your own interests and activity level. Chi Kung and Introduction to Permaculture are included in the price for the week and everyone will participate in these. We see these as the base of the project from which we will build a shared knowledge and understanding.

In addition to this you will CHOOSE THREE OTHER WORKSHOPS to participate in. If you want to do more you may also choose to do additional workshops for an additional cost of 50€. If not you will have free time for yourself as only one workshop will be running at any one time during the day (please see full timetable on the website).


Both weeks

1. Francesco Zita. Chi kung Animal forms. It will be an energetic 45 min. warm up at 7am. (Base course)

2. Mark Meer. Introduction to Permaculture. We will introduce this system of agricultural and social design principles that utilize the pattern and features observed in natural ecosystem. (Base course)

3. Francesco Zita. Roots: a basis to dance. The seminar is based on principles coming from Aikido, Tai chi-Chi Kung, Contact Improvisation, Instant Composition and bodywork.

4. Marialuisa Capurso. Moving voices: We will work on active listening of voice connected to the body and on the relation with space and with others. We will use voice and body, exploration of sounds and improvisation in solo, duo and groups.

Week 5-9 August Only

5. Sarita Beraha. The tree and the silence. Resources and movement
Sarita will explore some systems of the body like fluids, organs, nervous system, glands, muscles, connective tissue through Body Mind Centering. She will explore these qualities through hand on and movement, in solos and group dances.

6. Enrico Tomei. Push hands: A training methodology who’s purpose is to prepare for Taijiquan free sparring, it’s trained with a partner. Movers will be interested to approach grounding with a martial art teacher.

Week 11-15 August Only

7. Paolo Fasciano. Acrobatics for movers. from balance to transition: This seminar is open to partecipants with a movement background. It’s not necessary an acrobatic background. All the acrobatic element will be introduced in a safe, progressive manner.

8. Adalisa Menghini. The urgency of now – from somatic into dance & C.I. The intention of this workshop is to focus on somatic practice (Ideokinesis, Neurophysiology,BMC, Feldenkrais) to deepen and explore the art of improvisation from body awareness.

9. Paz Brosas. Look and/or touch: The reversibility between these two senses as a basis for body dialogue; a game of transposition of the operation from the look to the touch and vice versa: vision and touch in the centre and periphery, location, deepness, reading, approach, distance and perspective.

Extra activities will include trips to the beach, excursions, a silent jam and a final party.



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